The NFL Goes Pink

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NFL-PinkThe NFL has joined in the fight against breast cancer with a pink campaign. We football fanatics can support this cause as well. More information and support is available to us all through the NFL Pink program.

A Crucial Catch

At NFL Pink, you can learn more about the football players and associations efforts to help women get early detection of breast cancer. More important, you can support the efforts they are making in helping women in underserved areas. Places where early detection and mammograms are just not easily available.

A Crucial Catch is the NFL program aimed to help us all learn that early detection saves lives. If you are like me and have a relative that has or has had breast cancer, you know the value of treating this terrible disease in its early stages. My mother survived because of her regular mammograms.

Applauding the NFL Efforts

As a true football fanatic, I applaud the NFL’s efforts. This is not the kind of cause that we would expect from nearly all-male group. But, they took up the challenge to help this all-female cause. In other words, real men do wear pink. And they will be wearing pink all over the NFL throughout October. Players, coaches, even officials will be sporting the pink breast cancer ribbon on their uniforms. Each of those emblems, worn by these real men will be auctioned off with proceeds to support the NFL Pink campaign.

Show Your Own Support

No matter what gear you wear to support your team every Sunday, you can add on your own NFL breast cancer pink ribbon. These wrist bracelets use the design that will be worn by the NFL throughout October. So add it to your own apparel and show your support.


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  1. Mandee says:

    Football fans unite! NFL Pink is such an awesome program! It’s nice to see an organization with all the millions of fans that football has put themselves behind such a good cause! Go pink!

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